Pre-K 3

3 to 4 years

After arrival, the children will start the day with circle time; then they will have center time. We believe that learning and speaking a second language is important, especially in our multicultural community. Preschoolers receive Spanish lessons by our bilingual teachers once a week as part of the academic curriculum. The educational model that is used to present the language is an immersion program. The teacher conducts the lesson in the language, using a variety of creative materials to motivate and instruct the children. Traditional songs, games, rhymes, movement activities and story books provide the core of the lesson, which is based on thematic units. The language program’s primary goal is the acquisition of a basic, age appropriate vocabulary while using hands-on learning techniques.On a typical day, children will be able to play at the sand or water table, build with large or small blocks, create an art project, paint, play dress-up, and assemble puzzles. Special projects are often made available such as science projects or a cooking project. Then, the children will continue to enhance their gross motor skills, with time spent on the playground.

  Ratio: Approximately 1:12

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