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 We offer a gradual separation policy, meaning that if your child is having difficulty with the transition, we will make it in a way that the children will stay at the school for a small period of time and we will extend the time little by little until your child feels more comfortable. For some children this is a difficult period, this will help the transition from home to school process go smoothly.



Tutoring is provided to children who are experiencing difficulties at school due to specific learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, language difficulties-delay and processing, lack of organizational skills, poor motor skills, etc.
We will assess the child’s needs, tutoring will be provided on a one-to-one basis with a certified teacher. Each session has a duration of 45 minutes.
We also tutor children from other schools from Grades Pre-K through 6th grade.

One of CHAMPS main concern is your child’s privacy and safety. Our unique location provides the necessary privacy to prevent them from any type of exposure to the outside, thus avoiding any viewing by unwelcomed characters. We understand and acknowledge your concern and will do the utmost to keep your child safe.

All information provided by parents is kept strictly confidential, privileged and exempt from disclosure under applicable law.

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